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Technology is your future

Improve your career and business opportunities,
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At Coder Factory, you can learn to code.

Faster, easier and way more fun

Tried learning to code online? Found it boring or tedious? Our students have tried online too and realised that face-to-face learning is faster, easier and way more fun!

Change the world

Whether you want a career change, to build a tech startup, or create an app that improves the world around you, taking a Coder Factory course will help you achieve your goal.

Become a part of our community

Coder Factory is different than other coding schools. You don't just sit in a classroom, you become a part of a thriving and welcoming community of coders.

Be inspired

Our students tell us the best part of coming to Coder Factory, is meeting and being inspired by the other participants. Who will you meet at Coder Factory?

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Weekend Workshops

Have fun, meet amazing people, learn a powerful new skill.



Part Time Courses

Learn to build web applications while you keep you day job.

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Full Time Courses

Make a career change with our 24 week intensive full time courses.

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So much is happening at CoderFactory...